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Photo Gallery

These photos are displayed in low-quality, small-resolution images in order to save on bandwidth. Larger versions of most are available on request. Click the thumbnail to view each image.


French Canal Meeting

Chairman Santa
Chairman Santa

Canal Quiz
Canal Quiz

Singing Group
New lyrics for pub song

Pub with No Beer
Our own canal pub

Anderton Lift demonstration

Falkirk Wheel Presentation
Scottish Canal Night

Brian’s Falkirk Model
Falkirk Wheel Model

Roses and Castles Painting
Our own canal art

Trout Group
Out & About at the 'Trout'

Overseas Visitors

Harley Crossley
Harley Crossley visits


Nepean Belle
Nepean Belle cruise

Lady Hopetoun
Heritage boat cruise

Waratah Group
On steam tug Waratah


Save Our Waterways rally (More)

Rally Big Group Banner

Rally Expats
Expat participants

Ferry Rally
On the way


Large Group
2009 Blue Lias Gathering

John Finch Guitar
Entertainment at the Blue Lias '07

Stockton Locks
At top of the Stockton Locks after Overseas Friends Gathering 2009

Blue Lias Boats
ACS Friends' boats outside the Blue Lias

Sunny Gathering
Gathering outside the Blue Lias

Aust UK Interact
Aussie & British interaction - Steve Brompton chats with Chard Wadley

British ACS Members
British ACS members, Sonia Rolt, John Fletcher, Janet Stevenson with Aussie members, Jan Roden, Lynne Brompton

Towpath Talk
IWA Chairman Clive Henderson in discussions with an earlier Chairman, David Stevenson

ACS President Jan Roden gives an ACS burgee to Brian Stafford, publican of the Blue Lias

ACS Logo blue